Growing your online network

Online forums are a great way for accountants to network with other people without leaving the comfort of their office or home. You can drop by a forum, have a quick look for questions or topics of interest, make a contribution, meet some new people, and then get back to what you were doing. There […]

How to use your website to gain new clients for your accounting business

Your website is potentially one of your most powerful marketing tools. Investing in your website is an investment in building and retaining your client base. Here’s how you can do more to get more from your website. Attract new visitors to your site If you want to attract new visitors to your website via Google […]

Word-of-mouth marketing for accountants

How can new clients discover your accounting services when the world has become so cluttered with marketing messages?  As an accountant, you are working in a very competitive field, so you might think it’s too difficult to be noticed amongst all the noise. Or you might have been spending thousands of dollars on Yellow Pages […]