How to use Facebook to grow your accounting business

While Facebook is best known for its social networking capabilities, it is fast becoming a very effective way to broaden your professional network, raise awareness of your accounting practice and grow your business. Here are some quick tips for how accountants can get the most out of Facebook.

It’s not personal

Firstly, you need to distinguish between your personal profile (if you have one) and your professional Facebook profile.  You’ll need to set up a separate Facebook page for your business, with its own name as part of your account.  To do this, simply go to the News Feed of your personal page on Facebook and click on the “Adverts and pages” link in the left-hand navigation column.  From there you will be taken to a page where you can set up your business page.

Brand your business profile
Use business information such as your website address, business overview and other information related to your business as content on your business profile page.  You can also use your company logo or other brand imagery in your profile picture.

Build your network

Become an active member of business networks on Facebook by seeking groups you can contribute to.  Search for colleagues, business contacts and potential clients who have business Facebook pages and invite them to be friends on your company’s Facebook page.  Your focus should be on contributing to these networks, rather than directly spruiking your products and services. Try to achieve a high ratio of sharing information of value to the network versus talking about your own business.  And then when people in your network ask for help, you can offer your services knowing that your credibility with the group is established.

Keep it current

Create regular status updates.  For example, you might publish an e-newsletter or regular articles. When these are published on your website, they can also be included in your Facebook status updates along with links to the complete articles.  You might create a video that showcases your products or services and this can also be uploaded on to your Facebook business profile.  If you get any media mentions, or if you use Twitter, these can all be included on your Facebook business page.

Spread the love

Make sure you have a ‘Like’ button on your website which links to Facebook and makes it easy for visitors to your website to stay connected with you, and remember to promote your company’s Facebook page in your emails, on your business cards and in other high profile places.