How to use your website to gain new clients for your accounting business

Your website is potentially one of your most powerful marketing tools. Investing in your website is an investment in building and retaining your client base. Here’s how you can do more to get more from your website.

Attract new visitors to your site

If you want to attract new visitors to your website via Google and the other major search engines, it is vital that your site is optimised to rate as high as possible in search engine results. Keyword research and analysis and targeting of selected keywords in your site content can help your site appear higher in search rankings and make it easier for your prospective clients to access your products and services.

Invest some time in analysing how people are searching for accountants in your area and the performance of your website, as well as your competitors.  Or pay an expert to do this for you – the insights you gather will ensure a return on your investment as you learn how to optimise your website’s performance.


Share valuable information for free on your site

Share valuable information for free with visitors to your website.  By giving something of value, you are reinforcing your credibility and expertise, and you are showing people that you are responsive to their needs.  All they need to do is enter their email address and you can either manually email them their gift, or if you get a lot of traffic, then have your web builder set up an auto-responder for you so that the information is sent to them automatically. The aim is to give your visitors the tools and opportunities they need in exchange for the information you want.

As an accountant, you have a lot of knowledge that can help visitors to your website.  You can package that information as a tips sheet, a quick guide, or even a small e-book that you give away via your website.

Offer incentives to your website visitors

Run a competition on your website that invites readers to tick a box to receive future offers.  This is one way you can gain more information about your reader while offering them something of value that builds trust and enhances your credibility. Consider publishing a lead capture page that promotes something you can do for readers such as a ‘how to’ guide, the answer to a problem they might face, or ways they can avoid certain pitfalls.  Entice them with a compelling headline that explains what’s in it for them, and issue a call to action inviting them to leave their email address or other key information you need.

Introduce a web blog to spread the word
Start a blog on your website and email your database of contacts regular updates. If you make the content valuable and compelling, they are more likely to forward the updates to their own contacts. Just make sure you have a “subscribe” link to increase your chances of picking up new subscribers. And if you include a blog page on your website that you update regularly, make sure you use popular keywords strategically in your posts and the search engines will rate your site more favourably.